Monday, August 17, 2009

Entourage Producer Acquires Pimp

The following is for anyone who doubted the fact that HBO's Entourage is produced by douchebags. From THR:

"Rob Weiss, an executive producer on HBO's 'Entourage,' along with producers Mitch Davis, Ryan Drexler and Andrew Left have acquired film rights to Robert 'Iceberg Slim' Beck's urban autobiography 'Pimp: The Story of My Life.'

"Born into poverty, Beck became a pimp at 18 and rose to kingpin status in the Chicago underworld. He served several stints in prison, making one escape, eventually retiring and becoming an insecticide salesman in Los Angeles. During a call to a college professor, Beck mentioned he was a pimp, with the professor encouraging the man to write an autobiography. Three months later, Beck had penned 'Pimp.'

"The book has sold over 5 million copies since its release and is the second best-selling book written by a black man, after Alex Haley's 'Roots.'"

No doubt the film/HBO show/whatevs will tell, eventually, a cautionary tale. Not before, however, presenting "the life" in all the sordid trappings of the oily douchebag's wish-fulfillment. There will be glamorous looks at pimp-fashion, there will be voluptuous women, there will be violence. And then in the last quarter of the film, after glorifying the lefestyle -- a fascination to pre-adolescent boys -- there will be a hollow resolution disclaiming the past 60 voluptuous minutes.

Finally -- we cannot fail to note -- thanks, Hollywood Reporter, for that last disgusting little factoid comparing "Pimp" to "Roots." Charmed, I'm sure dickface (Averted Gaze).

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