Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pat Buchanan Was Asked To Do "Dancing With the Stars"

The inclusion of Tom "The Hammer" DeLay in the roster for Dancing with the Stars -- the graveyard, like Afghanistan to Empires, of showbiz careers -- was odd. "I hope he can dance better than he does his politics," said GOP strategist/slimeball Ed Rollins on today's Joe Scarborough show. Even stranger than DeLay, though, was Pat Buchanan's admission on the same show that the DWTS people contacted him. "About six months ago they asked me," the ultra-right wing founder of the Buchanan Brigades told Joe Scarborough today. One can almost see those chicken legs oscillating wildly while doing the Charleston. "I entertained the idea," Pat said.

Buchanan ultimately decided no. "If you see me on (DWTS) you can use one of my guns," concluded Buchanan. What? They wouldn't play Dixie?

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