Monday, August 17, 2009

Quentin Tarantino: "Brad Pitt Doesn't Have Shit Hash!"

For some reason, Brad Pitt's drug use has become a topic of conversation amongst the Chattering Classes. On Friday's Real Time with Bill Maher, the host -- who has been known to shout out his dealer on the show -- told of being at a New year's party years ago in which pitt rolled "the most perfect joint." Pitt seemed a little put back by the public mention of his cannabis habits, suggesting that those days were behind him now that he's "a dad." Today Quentin Tarantino, director of inglorious Basterds, guested on the Howard Stern Show and again the subject of Pitt and pot was brought up. From YourcelebrityStuff:

"(Howard) Stern asked about the meeting that Tarantino had with Brad Pitt, the star of the film, before they started shooting. Tarantino said he flew to the Pitt-Jolie compound in France and that he and Brad drank five bottles of Rosé wine. When asked if Angelina Jolie joined them, Tarantino explained that the meeting was during the time when Jolie was in the hospital because she had just given birth to the twins. So Brad was taking a very drunken business meeting while Jolie was in the hospital with twins. Stern seemed to think this was strange, but joked that being the new father to twins was a reason to drink heavily.

"Oh, but the story gets better!

"Tarantino said the 'coolest' thing that Pitt did was pull out a big brick of hash and cut him off a sliver to take with him. Pitt even advised Tarantino not to put it in his suitcase! Tarantino said he asked Pitt if he had a pipe to give him and Pitt just went to the frige and pulled out a can of coke. Tarantino laughed, saying, 'Yeah, I know what to do with this,' (meaning he knew how to fashion a hash pipe out of a coke can). What hash expertise those two have!'

"Artie Lange went on to say, 'I wonder what kind of hash Brad Pitt would have.' They all started laughing and Tarantino said, 'Brad Pitt doesn’t have shit hash.' They joked that Pitt probably gets the best has in the world."

Nice. A civilized evening of Rose and some kind hash while conducting a movie meeting.

So he still tokes up in the privacy of his home. We regard this continued use of soft drugs as a "Platonic Noble Lie" -- a social misdemeanor -- that he told on Maher, considering he does have young kids. More here.

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