Saturday, August 08, 2009

Charlie Rose Adds Bloomberg TV

The important Charlie Rose show where 5 nights a week the most important people in politics, culture and spots meet to talk about the days events and their special projects is coming to Bloomberg TV via a next-day edition. Some of those episodes will have additional footage, commentary and illustrative data from the night before. Bloomberg Radio will air the Charlie Rose program nightly, and the BLOOMBERG.COM Web site will deliver clips and links of program content. "Charlie is a rare fellow in the television business. He is a remarkable interviewer and tremendous journalist, and his show is 'a must see' for thought leaders and the most influential audience in the U.S.," said Andy Lack, CEO of Multimedia at Bloomberg. "Now Charlie's nightly program is destined to become a worldwide brand," Lack added. The Bloomberg rebroadcast “gives me an additional audience and a global reach,” Mr. Rose said in a telephone interview with Brian Stelter of The New York Times Wednesday. The Charlie Rose program airs on 220 Public Broadcasting system stations.

Bloomberg has undergone changes since the great recession staggered Wall Street causing the company -- and everyone else -- to questio its business model. Before the economic crisis, much of Bloomberg LP's resistance to the ebbs and flows of the economy was based primarily on their core money-generating product, the Bloomberg Terminal. "About 85 percent of Bloomberg’s revenue comes from its terminals, which are considered indispensable on trading floors," wrote Stelter almost a year ago.

The pendulum -- and The Bloomberg Way -- swings. Bloomberg has been restructuring for a year, unlocking some more of the potential of its media divisions -- television, radio, the magazines, the web -- and Norm Pearlstine, former editor-in-chief of Time Inc and one-time managing editor of the Wall St Journal, has since joined Bloomberg as its "Chief Content Officer."

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