Monday, December 15, 2008

Sharon Osbourne Attacks Megan Hauserman

(image via timeinc)

Sharon Osbourne is, to be sure, a little kooky. She -- and how does one say this nicely? -- used "organic materials" to paint her upset with Elton John on his Rolls Royce in the early 70s. So nothing she does particularly surprises us. When not pimping her increasingly incoherent husband, she is getting into confrontations with people whom she would be better served ignoring (Like LL Cool J ought to have done with Cannabis). From Thisislondon:

"Sharon Osbourne is being investigated for allegedly attacking a contestant on a TV show she hosts. She is accused of pulling 26-year-old model Megan Hauserman's hair and scratching her until they were separated by security.

"Osbourne, 56, is reported to have flown into a rage when Ms Hauserman said she was only famous for managing 'a brain-dead rock star' - a reference to her husband, Ozzy.

"According to reports in the US, the model alleged Osbourne ran across the stage and attacked her during a break in filming of Rock Of Love: Charm School in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

"Ms Hauserman went to hospital yesterday and reported it to the police. The pair were appearing on a reunion edition of the show which has contestants competing to learn etiquette in order to win $100,000.

"A spokesman for Los Angeles Police Department said Osbourne was a suspect in a case of "minor battery" but no charges had been filed yet. Ms Hauserman was kicked out of Charm School in an episode broadcast in November in the US."

Isn't that Celebrity 101? If one is at the top of one's game, ignore the ambitious noise coming from the cheap seats. Osbourne, though, is hugely susceptible to types like the Insane Clown Posse preying on her bad temper to rouse her to tussle, thus gaining free publicity. The cycle continues, this time with a cheesy VH1 reality "star."

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niamh said...

why not dat megan one was a freak and if it was me i woud have kicked her around!!! geown sharon !!!