Monday, December 29, 2008

Musto: This Is The End Of The Cutting Room

(image via emedianewswire)

Another casualty of this economy. Michael Musto got the scoop that Chris Noth's NYC Cutting Room is going the way of the dodo and we only wonder what this augurs for the club scene in the city:

"The Cutting Room--the long-running music space/hangout on West 24th--is ending up on the cutting room floor. I hear the club is going bye-bye in January because of rising rents, another casualty of our city's financial mayhem. I'm told that they may relocate in Tribeca, but that could take a few years. So if you run into co-owner Chris Noth in the near future, give him money!"

Last year Page Six reported that co-owners Noth and Steve Walter were looking to move the club to Hell's Kitchen. Comment here.

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