Monday, December 29, 2008

Bio: Breaking Up With Janet Jackson Drove Bobby Brown Drink

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We almost forgot that Madonna once dated celebrity train wreck Bobby Brown. But that, apparently, is not what fucked the man up. That honor goes to Janet Jackson. From Cindy Adams:

"DERRICK HANDSPIKE's book about his friend who was wed to Whitney Houston is 'Bobby Brown: The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But . . . an un(authorized?) biography.'

"Explains Handspike: 'First it was a collaborative autobio. Then a leak hit the media about his marriage and drug abuse, and he got cold feet, so it eventually became solely my book.'

"...'People ask if he helped get Whitney on drugs. I don't believe that. Of course, I only know what he told me, which is he never used coke until he met her. Maybe he did other things, but not that. Like I know his mouth's a little crooked because he had a stroke from OD'ing on heroin.

"Bobby lived great way before Whitney. He dated Madonna in the early '90s. She was very aggressive in her pursuit of him. Called him all the time. One night in the back of her limo, she kind of attacked him. Before that he dated Janet Jackson. He said when they broke up is what made him drink. He also said her parents didn't like her dating black people."

We'll leave that last assertion aside and chalk that up to the fact that The Jacksons are America's premiere fucked up family. But if Janet caused Bobby to drink then what caused him to try to urinate on Dee Snyder?

Oh, yeah: the Twisted Sister "Leader of the Pack" cover back in '85.

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This article is pure fiction!