Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Little Of The Old In And Out

In: Jimmy Fallon. The Brian Brinkman Experiment is live. It is interesting, although at 6:26 ET, we have no idea where it will lead. Still, the fact that he bought Daniel Lloyd breakfast and gave him $40 is cool. Last night Lloyd spent the night waiting to get tickets. From Twitter:

"we're #1 in line for standby tix. very excited. been here all night."

Then, something goes terribly wrong:

"some dbags in line think we cut. 30 rock staff has our back"


"just got bagels and $40 from @jimmyfallon !!"

And the tickets were VIP (Now does the above pic make sense?).

Out: Sacramento's Tent City. It is astonishing that in a First World country, the capital of the most populous state has a growing "Tent City." Unfortunately, it will be growing in the coming months. From the NYTimes:

"A tent city is burgeoning in Sacramento, Calif., prompting local officials to consider whether such an encampment should be made permanent, with plumbing and all.

"The primitive settlement sits in the shadow of the state capitol and is home to about 300 people who have no toilets or running water, creating unsanitary conditions that advocacy groups worry could promote diseases like cholera. With the downturn in the economy and more working-class people losing their jobs and their homes, the tent city is expanding.

"The mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson, said in an interview that he wants to create a permanent tent city for the homeless, although he is not sure where it should be. He said he recognized that doing so would be difficult politically. But he said a permanent site could bring sanitation services and regulations like a ban on drugs and alcohol."

More here.

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