Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Vincent Gallo Likes 'Em Young and Famous

Would you entrust an underage child to this feral beast? Darlings, there's an 800 lb gorilla in the room that I fear I must bring up at the risk of making matters worse. What the fuck is up with "the skeevy" serial-killer-like Vincent Gallo and barely legal chicks?! Check out this Gawker Stalker:

"saw Vincent gallo with two young girls, probably around 18 years of age (what a pervert) at Odessa two Sundays ago. then saw them three again on Elizabeth street on Wednesday, and Friday night. He was wearing jeans, and one girl had on a green coat, very chic, and skinny, the other girl was dressed very plain but was also attractive. They really looked about 15!"

Which brings me back to a Gallo post I did a while back. The Old Gray Lady mediates on Gallo's Young Girls, says about Gallo's first meeting with a then underaged Chloe Sevigny:

"'Yeah, (Chloe Sevigny) has weird hair. But I thought she was the most pretty girl I had ever seen, and I really mean that. I really thought that that was the person that I'd hoped to see my whole life. And for some reason, because I hadn't made a film yet, I wasn't thinking of making a film, I thought we would look nice together in a movie.'

"'And then we chitchatted a little at the party,' Mr. Gallo continued. And she was nice. She was nice to me' - to Chlo�, You were nice that night, yeah!' - back to the audience, 'and I had a big crush, but she was very young at the time'' (17, by our calculation, and Mr. Gallo, 30) 'and uh, anyway, we had our ups and downs over the years."

I hope he doesn't mean ups and downs literally, because that's, well, illegal. I would have ignored it all, but something harkened back to a Christina Ricci interview. We go to US Weekly, way back in '98, to see Gallo's oily, feral vole-like MO:

"US Weekly: How did Gallo persuade you to do Buffalo '66?

"Christina: He ran for a block in the rain to get me matches for my cigarette. He's like a professional charmer. He can seduce anyone."

Ricci was 17 at the time. No wonder that now she hates his rat-like ass. And we go back to a Mr. Showbiz interview:

"Buffalo 66 is supposedly very close to your own background in Buffalo. How close?

"Vincent Gallo: Ten years ago I'm driving cross-country in a car with 100 of my cassettes, and at the end of the B-side of some punk-rock thing there's this old, dirty, sun-baked tape, and I hear that recording of 'Fools Rush In,' and I'm stunned at my father's [singing] talent and my 13-year-old engineering skills. And that's the inspiration for the whole movie that and my feeling about Christina Ricci the moment I first saw her in Mermaids. I knew at that point, driving in that car, that one day I would make a movie, and that there would be a scene in it of the father character singing that song."

Hello? Ricci was 8 years old in Mermaids. What the fuck, Gallo? Driving cross-country thinking about an eight year old and how she meshes with your childhood memories? Hello? This is serial killer talk, pally.

The Corsair thinks that maybe Gallo and Mary Kay LeTourneau have a lot in common. Keep an eye on Gallo. And lock up the kids.

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