Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jamie Kennedy Denies Reports Of Engagement To Jennifer Love Hewitt

Funnyman Jamie Kennedy denies reports that he is engaged to his girlfriend-Ghost Whisperer Jennifer Love Hewitt. On the day of said event he Tweeted, sedately:

"Last nite long beach was epic. YOU GUYS WERE AMAZING. My girl had so much fun. Thats the first time she ever went topless."

Now comes the Twitter follow-up at the report of his engagement:

"There's a lil rumor going round that i got down on one knee in Long beach. If i was gonna get down on one knee do u think i wud do it in the LBC???? I mean i'm down with Snoop but L Beach dosent scream Romance. I luv my girl and wen it happens you'll be the first to know. tanks.... JK"

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