Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Little Of The Old In And Out

In: Tina Fey. Who said women aren't funny? Fey's '30 Rock' garnered 22 Emmy nominations, setting records for a comedy. Ellen Gray of The Philadelphia Daily News notes that this accomplishment is, "the most of any single show, and nearly a third of those received by her entire network." This is her fourth nomination and just last year she won her first performance Emmy (Fey won a writing Emmy for her work on SNL).

(image via newsday)

Out: Conan O'Brien. CBS is crowing. NBC is counterspinning. Whatever the case: Conan is in trouble. And Zucker -- who had a good day with NBC's Emmy nods -- is having a headache in the night. And if Leno tanks -- as Michael Eisner predicts -- oy! From deadlineHollywoodDaily:

"So how is NBC Universal chairman Jeff Zucker going to spin this with The New York Times' Bill Carter? Remember when, a few weeks back, a NBC press release called Conan O'Brien the 'King Of Late Night TV'? Looks kinda premature now, huh? I've said it before, and I'll say it again, NBC’s mantra that 'We don’t need eyeballs as long as we have key demos' doesn't fly. Actually, both count. But last week David Letterman posted his largest weekly victory over The Tonight Show since 2000, while last week's Tonight Show posted its smallest audience since Dave premiered in August 1993. (Letterman was aided by the booking of Sir Paul McCartney last night). 'This does not bode well for the fall,' a CBS exec warned. Here's what is worse: Dave's Late Show also matched Conan's Tonight Show in adults 25-to-54. Plus, O'Brien scored The Tonight Show's lowest advertiser-coveted 18-to-49 rating since Letterman premiered on CBS. Even Conan's margin of strength -- 18-to-34 -- has fallen one full ratings point since O'Brien's premiere week on The Tonight Show. How can Zucker take that to the bank?"

What was NBC thinking? What was Leno thinking? This who episode may go down as another Wagnerian book by Bill Carter.

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