Thursday, July 02, 2009

Exclusive: How Ivy Supersonic Crashed The Madoff Trial

We asked Ivy Supersonic how she crashed the Bernie Madoff verdict hearing. Earlier this week, Ivy was cited for violating federal court rules by recording Madoff's sentencing hearing. According to TheSmokinggun: "Federal court rules bar reporters (or audience members) from recording court proceedings. Additionally, anyone entering a federal courthouse is required to check their cellphones with security guards. It is unclear whether Silberstein was in Chin's courtroom or in one of two 'overflow' rooms where the Madoff sentencing was simulcast."

This blog can clear things up because she just texted us this morning. Here is Ivy's account of what happened:

"It was Robin Quivers' phone. She had nothing to do with it. Black berry gives me free phones becuase I am who I am. I decided that Robin does Not need this blackberry pearl .. I do and I gifted her my expensive Perlier body lotions instead which I had (Benjy Bronk) bring her. (Perlier supplies Me Free also then I was pissed..cause I gave her all my good stuff). I was told by photographers show up to criminal court we want u with (Bernie Madoff) and yell "Rape ME!! MuthaFucker!!" they said Madoff (would be there Monday). When I saw 500 crews I was prepared w/ a box of Ivy Billions to throw. And rocking my ivy MiniUltraMicro Mini mini mini Pay Up Shirt I made .. but I figured antics.. fuck it. I wanna c the Court case of the century. No way I was going to miss biggest scandle of all time the man robbed my friends and I wanted to c 'Justice' for all of America. Madoff Has Bled our economy and caused a ression (not (single-handedly) many people r down with him that cause the fall of our economic system. I went Thru side door in Gucci blazer and huge Fendi Shopping bag poketbook and tom ford shades so I was unquestionable. They asked for my phone The onw I'm typing on now its connected thru verizon the robin pink blackberry pearl is just a carbon copy of info of this phone not hookedup I did what I was asked of. My fendi bag has a stuff sqrat plush doll, box of ivy supersonic billions, a howard stern water bottle, props out Asshole who would want to go thru my bag would take hours!!and my 99 cent brunch the starbucks carmel macchiato biscatti Loaded down w stickers and cards of my campaign Mamas got my back and front..Fox stole ivys sqrat There was only max 50 of us let in on left side and right side was 50 press people. I was told anyone can go. So iwent at 830am heard trial Was ten to noon. At 11am I was famished and weak I nodded out for a brief second from exaction hunger and borum while madof lawyer spoke he Was unconvincing and the word droll?? I would think there would b a pitbull in the room not roosters Ladybodycourtguard said 'shut off ur phone.' I am mechanical boob I couldn't shut off .."

So now you know. The court document signed by District Judge Denny Chin said:

"At the sentencing in this case today Ivy Silberstein apparently recorded the proceedings with a recording device, in contravention of the Court's rules, as outlined in the press release issued on June 23, 2009. The Court has been advised that The Federal protective Service (the 'FPS') seized the recording device and that Ms. Silberstein was issued a summons.

"It is HEREBY ORDERED that the FPS may return the recording device to Ms. Silberstein but only on the condition that the recording be deleted from the device before it is returned to her. The FPS shall make a copy of the recording before the recording is deleted from Ms. Silberstein's device, and the FPS shall retain the recording in the event Ms. Silberstein wants to assert any rights thereto, in which case further proceedings will be required."

More on TheSmokinggun.

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