Monday, July 06, 2009

LINK: How Ivy Supersonic crashed the Bernie Madoff verdict here.

Kathy Griffin Named Roast Master In Upcoming Joan Rivers/Comedy Central Roast

(image via nydailynews)

It should be duly brutal when Kathy Griffin -- known to be positively citric -- roasts Joan Rivers. Who said women aren't funny (Answer: Hitchens, in remarkably bad timing, just before Tina Fey proved him completely wrong)? "It will be my distinct pleasure to honor a true comedy legend. The One and Only, The Great, Joan Rivers," said Kathy Griffin in a press release. "I mean, not that Pam Anderson wasn't a comedy legend or anything ... Let's just say it will be an evening of highs and lows. I will be roasting Joan with more gentleness and tenderness than her latest chemical peel and, on the other hand, I will give her a verbal pap smear and god only knows what I'm going to find down there."

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