Friday, July 31, 2009

Gayest Beerfest. Ever.

This was, quite frankly, the gayest beerfest ever. Actually, the elegant gays would probably have gone in for a crisp white wine or mojitos. There was even an appearance by "near beer" in this odd meeting of the alphas (and betas). Then agian, the President's tenuous support of the blue-collar vote -- especially in Pennsylvania and Ohio -- is on the line. From The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

"Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden were in shirtsleeves; Sgt. Crowley and Dr. Gates wore suits. The four drank out of beer mugs and munched peanuts and pretzels out of small silver bowls.

Mr. Obama had a Bud Lite, Sgt. Crowley had Blue Moon, Dr. Gates drank Sam Adams Light, and Mr. Biden, who does not drink, had a Buckler nonalcoholic beer. (That may be why Mr. Biden had a piece of lime in his beer. Sgt. Crowley, for his part, kept with tradition and had a slice of orange in his Blue Moon.)"

And what's with all the wedges of citrus? Were the mugs made of Lalique crystal? Did they all go see an off-Broadway Liza Minnelli show afterwards? Sheesh.

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