Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Christian Audigier And Jon Gosselin Do American Pops

What is this goddamned unholy "bromance" of social climbing designer Christian Audigier and Jon Gosselin of the hugely exploitative Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality beej? Aside from the reptilian shrewdness (And by the way, a culture loses itself if "shrewd" is considered a compliment). From The Daily:

"Christian Audigier is certainly something--but could he possibly be a genius? The question has been raised more than once in the last several weeks as this perennial Daily obsession has generated more news than all other American fashion houses combined. Mostly thanks to his shrewd alignment with tabloid wonderboy Jon Gosselin, Audigier has evolved from fashion's dark horse to a household name in less time than it takes Vogue to ship its September issue. By courting the tabloids and aligning himself with a fan base that fails to appeal to most luxury houses, the native of Avignon, France has become a symbol of the American vox populi. 'A designer is measured by their dedication and conviction to their brand,' the self-described 'American lifestyle designer' recently told The Daily. And who lives la vie Audigier more passionately than the man himself? If you didn't already know--and you surely do by now--Audigier's first coup came when he outfitted millions in trucker hats during his tenure as creative head at Von Dutch .. Although Audigier has frequently advertised, his editorial requests have appeared mostly on the red carpet. But thanks to a little bit of clairvoyance and a certain father of eight, the placements are achieving the highest profile possible--namely, all over the July 27 issue of People, which features an exclusive photo of Gosselin in a logo tee on the cover. The reality star made his inaugural trip to the French Riviera--with newly-minted girlfriend Hailey Glassman in tow--on an un-organic invitation from Audigier, who is photographed and quoted extensively in the inside story. 'I Googled him and found out this guy was huge,' he tells People. 'Jon and Hailey are in Saint-Tropez with me discussing a possible children's collection line or a specialty motorcycle collection. Everyone knows this family. And everyone will know our clothes.'"

Children's clothing. Nice.

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