Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Movieline: The Addition of Lisanti To Movieline Spells The End Of EW

(image via movieline)

We ermailed Charles Runnette of Movieline about the addition of Mark Lisanti, formerly of Defamer, and what that means for online movie industry coverage:

"With the addition of Lisanti, I would say it's increasingly obvious that the end for uninspired print publications like EW is well-nigh. We are delivering a compelling magazine experience daily, but with far more intelligence and humor. When we put together our 'Virtual Newsstand' feature at the end of every month, it's never clearer just how much we've accomplished and how many times a week we regularly scoop/upstage/outclass our rival print publications. "

Oh snap. Entertainment Weekly has yet to respond to our email request for a response.

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