Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Who Reads This Blog?

Once a year I like to ask the question: Who reads this blog? Where are you from, How did you find it, What do you do? That sort of thing. It helps me in the daily editorial process if I know who exactly I am talking to. One example: When this blog started it was very New York media centered. After asking Who Reads This Blog? I found that a significant percentage of the readers were in fact not New Yorkers, nor were they particularly interested in the media. So, the horizon of this blog broadened.

Also: In 2004 I learned that a lot -- a lot -- of readers did not appreciate the pro-Kerry blogging during the election. Go figure.

So, if you havent sent me an email I invite you to do so at: (Or feel free to post a comment below)

Your information will not be used for any promotional spamming whatsoever.


Stephania said...

I think your blog is fantastic and I aspire to be in your league someday. It's great to hear what people have to say no matter who or where they are. You have apparently hit the nerve that inspires me and the over 1 million readers you have acquired! Bravo!

Pammer said...

Hi from Texas -- Love the site. Don't remember how I found it, but love the 3rd person "character" commentary. It's nice to read someone who is well-traveled and well-educated.

Favorite Corsair phrase: "[Name] is in need of a robust multivitamin."

Cheers and good luck.

lisa said...

greetings from san diego. i believe i got to you through cityrag. i have no connection whatsoever to new york, or to new york media, but i love to read about both. your parenthetcals just kill me, as do your captions for the cobrasnake photos -- they make me feel much better about not being hip, a hipster, or anything with "hip" in the name.

also, i'm not offended by pro-kerry blogging.

Ron said...

Thank all of you guys (and emailers) for putting some names to the numbers, which helps with the editorial process.


Theresa Z said...

Hola Ron, 'tis the Cupie from Seattle-ish.

Jimmy Jimson said...

Hello again staff of the Corsair.
I usually read you from my home in North Carolina. Found you the roundabout way through Jackie Clarke (dot net). I'm a lowly wage earner that consistently underachieves. In the future I'd like to see more stories about nonagenerian's sex lives.
Great Paper.

Mabreg said...

I'm a non-blogging, white, female 51-yr-old writer and editor in rural central FL. Originally from Iowa, I've lived all over the US and know lots of writers and a few pols. I also occasionally home school my disaffected 16-year-old niece. In other words, you couldn't have pictured me out there reading the Corsair and made me up if you tried. Can't remember how I got to you originally, but have been reading u for a couple years. I will read any good writing on my limited time -- and I think yours is extraordinarily entertaning -- but I most particularly appreciate your subjectivity, your internationalist take, and your politics. It's a voice I like and I love the wild spectrum of topics you'll tackle. Thank you.

Ron said...

Thank you guys. Thanks so much.


Anonymous said...

Discovered this blog through Wonkette. I live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Your eclectic subject matter and mordant observations are the very best bloggery.

theresa said...

don't know if this means anything, but i get REALLY stoned and then read this blog until i get a headache!!!!