Saturday, June 12, 2004

A Little of the Old In and Out

In: Elvis Mitchell's "Unusual" book proposal. According to the excellent Sara Nelson in yesterday's NY Post:

"Elvis Mitchell, former New York Times reporter, has landed in the middle of a book auction. His proposal for a book about the comedian Richard Pryor is currently on the desks of several prominent New York editors.

"The proposal is 'unusual,' says one editor who has seen it. It is nonlinear and suggests that the book will be part cultural history of America, part tour of the comedy world, part dishy anecdotes about Pryor � including one in which the comedian's scatological language made New Yorker writer Lillian Ross not just blush, but faint."

Unusual as that is, apparently, leaving the New York Times and palling around with the likes of Bill Murray does wonders for one's career, I suppose, as Sara Nelson concludes, "The bidding is now in the low six figures, but one industry observer predicts that the book � which Mitchell promises to deliver in two years � will ultimately go for around $500,000."

Which almost makes up for the fact that he is, indeed, a black man named Elvis.

Out: Bruce Willis and Brooke Burns. First they were supposed to be engaged. Then he denied it. Now, they have brokeen up, according to The Sun, for the sake of their kids:

"BRUCE Willis�s ex spoke of their split for the first time yesterday � and said it was so they could focus on their families.

"Brooke Burns, 26, has a baby girl and film star Bruce, 49, has three daughters by Demi Moore.

"They parted last week. But actress Brooke said: 'We remain really good friends. He�s an amazing guy and we have a ball together, even still.'"

And, what better way to amplify on a major life change than by becoming trannie-whore loving Eddie Murphy's neighbor("my girl likes to party all the time ..."), according to The New York Post:

"CALL him Beverly Hills Bruce. Action hero and real estate magnate Bruce Willis has just bought the two-story split-level Benedict Canyon home of movie producer Alan Ladd Jr. for just under $10 million. Remodeled in 1999 by Ladd, (whose films include 'Braveheart,' 'The Phantom' and 'The Man in the Iron Mask') and wife Cindra, the large home combines the beauty of a classic Spanish haciendastyle home with all the requisite technological trappings."

Wealth means never having to marry for the sake of kids. And, there's nothing like starting off the day off with some real estate gossip for we, dear reader, the summerhome-less.

In: Sure he has that creepy buzzard-like stare, but Issac Mizrahi is so very "in." Back from the dead, really. According to fashionweekdaily:

"Isaac Mizrahi will return to the runway on Monday night for the first time since 1998, with his Target-hosted fashion show at Cipriani 42nd Street. The Daily has learned that Diane Sawyer, director Mike Nichols, Jason Biggs, and photographer Bruce Weber are some of the confirmed A-listers who will join New York society�s elite, including Helen Schifter, Aerin Lauder, Nina Griscom, and Marjorie Raein, in honoring the Parsons graduate and quadruple-CFDA award winner. Mizrahi, whose label has been revitalized in recent years, will present his Isaac Mizrahi for Target and Isaac Mizrahi New York Couture collections"

On June 15th, he will present a fashion show online here.

Out: War, war, what's it good for ... good god, y'all. What the fuck is up? First Gothamist and Jason Calacanis, two of the nicest entities in the blogosphere get into a tussel, then the barbarians started ganging up on the beautiful Lindsay Robertson, now the Hampton's, the playground of the rich, have "got it twisted," (averted gaze) according to the NY Post Hampton's Diary:

"THE war of the East End mags is just plain nasty.

"On Saturday night at Nick & Toni's, one witness claims they saw Jason Oliver Nixon, editor in chief of Jason Binn's glossy Hamptons magazine, pick up a freshly placed stack of Joan Jedell's Hampton Sheet off the porch and fling them into the bushes.

"Sources in the Hamptons-mag camp confirm Nixon and his friends were waiting for a table at the East Hampton eatery when Jedell, president and CEO of Hampton Sheet, came by to drop off June issues of her mag.

"But they wholeheartedly and heatedly deny that Nixon touched the rival magazine.

"Either way, Jedell's pages managed to go airborne. And when Jedell found out that someone had littered the shrubbery with her publication, sources say she retaliated in kind by throwing Hamptons magazines over the railing."

Class will tell. What? Is everyone eating spicy food or something?

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