Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Diana: In Pursuit of Love

Hello! Magazine excepts from the new book Diana: In Search of Love, and it gives us some really amazing inside scoop:

"It seems that for a time, the Queen (of England) took to singing hymns unaccompanied after dinner was over. The Princess (Di) did not know whether to sing along, start clapping or remain silent."


"The Princess, at Balmoral (Castle) rummaged through her husband's briefcase and came across a cache of letters. In doing this she exposed herself to the cold and conclusive realization -- that another woman was in love with her husband, and that love was clearly returned."

The Corsair slowly deposits himself into his favorite plush chair, sips at a glass of aged champagne and continues:

"The letters -- and a couple of saucy postcards -- which (the author) was shown were from Camilla Parker Bowles. As Diana read the passionate letters it was quite evident to her that Camilla, who called Charles 'My most precious darling,' was a woman whose love remained undimmed in spite of the passage of time.

"The tone of the letters was adoring. I recall the lengths to which Camilla went to contact Charles, on one occasion writing to him while secreted in the lavaratory on the Queen Mother's 91st birthday. 'I just hate not being able to tell you how much I love you,' she wrote.

"The notes, on headed writing paper, continued, saying how much she longed to be with him and she was his forever. (The author) particularly remembers one vivid passage that read: 'My heart and my body both ache for you.'

"She apologized for breaking into gibberish during a secret phone call with prince Charles, blaming her husband in a memorable turn of phrase: 'the erstwhile silver stick appeared through the door looking like a furious stoat -- pity they did not stuff him.' It was a sentence that struck on (the author's) mind because Brigadier Parker Bowles had once held the ceremonial post of 'silver stick in waiting' to the Queen.

"I recall she went on to proclaim her undying affection for Prince Charles with phrases like 'I yearn to be with you night and day, to hug, comfort and love you.' She reminisced about a 'magical night' at a friend's country house. 'I dread the acting part,' she wrote, referring to a forthcoming lunch when she, husband in tow, was to join Prince Charles.

"As Diana absorbed the depth of her rivals love she was also able to see the extent of the duplicity that her husband and her lover connived in. Camilla carefully outlined dates and places where she was available to see him. It must have been horrible for Diana to realize that the venues where Mrs. Parker Bowles might meet Charles included the homes of people she called her friends.

"Just as shocking to Diana must have been the letter which referred personally to her. Camilla advised Charles to erase any thoughts of guilt about their relationship from his mind and rise above what she termed 'the onslaughts of that ridiculous creature' -- clearly a reference to Diana"

Hello! Magazine

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