Thursday, December 08, 2011

Gallery Hopping: Coco Rocha's Letter to Haiti Premiere

images via modelsblog

As rain raged on into the Autumn night, supermodel Coco Rocha unveiled her new documentary "Letters to Haiti" (video here) about her recent humanitarian trip to the poorest country in the Western hemisphere after the earthquake. About 500 people crowded the studio on 450 West 15th street to watch her surprisingly touching film.
Rocha went to Haiti and shot the film with her friend, model Behati Prinsloo as well as her husband Cedrick Roche to publicize the ongoing crisis after the television news cameras have largely left. Prinsloo, Namibian born, set up a charity in southern Africa and invited Rocha to help her years ago. As a result of this experience, when Rocha got the idea to bring attention to the humanitarian plight in Haiti, she called on Prinsloo. They were on hand with a host of models at Milk Studios dispelling the myth that all models are shallow and care entirely about their looks.

Also last evening was a silent auction of Prisloo's black-and-white prints of Haitian children and scenes from life there afer the earthquake. All proceeds from the auction benefit LackayPAM (meaning "my home").
Also spotted in the crowd: Zach Posen, Karlie Kloss, Hilary Rhoda and Jeremy Scott.

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