Friday, December 02, 2011 Founder Carter Cleveland: "I Was Told Not to be Photographed with Paris Hilton"

Midway through reading about the goings on at Miami Basel, we stumbled upon this interesting tidbit via Apparently Carter Cleveland, the founder of hip start up was given some advice upon not making a public misstep that might affect how he and his company are perceived:

"Basel event planners tend to forget that Miami has all kinds of beachfront—but not the ones at Louis Vuitton and, which threw a barbecue bash in the sand way out back of Soho House. 'It was Dasha's idea, not mine,' explained the site's young founder, Carter Cleveland. (Zhukova co-hosted with fellow investor Wendi Murdoch.) Outside, waiters served up mountains of seafood paella and snow crab. Inside the tent, guests were invited to try a beta version of the site at a computer station—safe to say this was a more popular attraction earlier in the evening, because by midnight the place had become as genuine a dance club as you're likely to see at Basel, with house music pounding and Champagne bottles tipping in all directions. Sounds like the native habitat of a certain hotel heiress—and, indeed, there she was. Cleveland, who is quickly learning party politics as he and his fledgling site gain exposure, said he'd been warned in advance. 'I was told not to be photographed with Paris Hilton.'"

A perfectly understandable position.

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