Monday, May 02, 2011

Trump, Interrupted

This blogger isn't implying anything. Just saying. But it is more than a little curious that for the second time less than a week the President of the United States interrupted that short-fingered vulgarian. First, he stepped on The Trumper's long winded New Hampshire presser on Wednesday morning with the power of the office of the President. "Mr. Obama’s appearance on television — even as Mr. Trump was holding forth in New Hampshire — offered a sharp contrast for the White House, which is eager to portray the president as focused on the serious issues facing the country," said The Caucus Blog.

Then, yesterday, "Celebrity Apprentice" was -- and there is no ther way to put it -- "Trumped" by the announcement from POTUS that Obama was dead. Talk about a pre-emptive attack.

And we will not even entertain the double-barrelled beating Trump took at the hands of the President and Seth Meyers at the Washington Correspondents Dinner.

Ah, well: Prez up, Trump down and all that.

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