Friday, September 03, 2010

Why Is Tony Blair Such A Prick?

Interessant. From The Guardian:

So Gordon Brown has made his counter-move in the post-power war of words and reputations with Tony Blair.

As the Guardian reports on page one today, Brown has let it be known that he plans to work for a number of charities with global reach, and to do so for no financial gain.

What should we make of this? I think we should all take a deep breath and, whatever we think of Brown, Blair or the pair of them, say: 'Well done, Gordon. Good luck with your new life. We hope you find it fulfilling.'

There has been controversy over the timing of Blair's book, A Journey, with some claiming it was published with a view to influencing the voting stage of the Labour leadership contest. My usually level-headed colleague, Polly Toynbee, has even suggested Blair is guilty of treason against his party. He should have waited even longer, Pol says.

Granted, Tony Blair is probably correct in his assessment that, fundamentally, Gordon Brown was/is temperamentally unsuited to holding the reins of political power. But does that explain Why Blair essentially reneged on his promise to hand over the British Prime Ministership ("'Gordon had not seized the moment") until the last possible minute -- a terrible time, politically -- all but dooming Brown? All with that trademark Blair fake-assed smile... (Averted Gaze)

By that reasoning George Bush -- with whom Blair shares in common a great deal -- was a-Okay in playing racial politics in the notoriously oily South Carolina primary in 2000 (Bush also thought of McCain as fundamentally a "loser"), winning and pushing back the Arizona Senator's shot another 8 years.

Finally, why would Blair release his scathing thoughts on Brown so fucking soon? This could have waited another 10 years -- Blair certainly doesn't need the money (though probably he needs the redemption).

What has happened to manners and civility in the UK? He deserved better than being kicked when he is down; he deserves better than being Tony Blair's perennial whipping boy. Say what you will about Gordon Brown -- he didn't have the chops; he was a lugubrious chap; he was mired in loserdust -- but he was and is a decent man.

The same, alas, cannot be said of Tony Blair.

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