Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bid On An Exclusive Lunch For Two With Jon Hamm

It is hard for me to believe that an exclusive lunch for two with fucking Don Draper: 1) has only three bids so far, and, worse, 2) is only at $520. He's only starring in the number one movie in America and the best show on basic cable. And, of course, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler totally made a "Hamm Sandwich" out of him at the Emmys this year.

Hard to believe that Lunch for two with Marc Cuban and Lunch for two with Rosario Dawson have both drawn more bids and more $$ than -- what else am I to call it? -- a *Hamm lunch*.

What is this world coming to? Ladies! The auction is for a good cause. It is for the Adrienne Shelley Foundation a non-profit organization dedicated in memory to the gifted actor and filmmaker Adrienne Shelly, who died tragically. Adrienne Shelly grants help young women pursue their filmmaking dreams, and to help others in making the same leap from acting to writing and directing. The auction runs until September 30th.

Make your bids here.

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