Monday, April 20, 2009

Barry Diller: "I'm Not Really Interested In Ashton Kutcher’s Daily Walks"

-- But he's interested in DvF's walks. (image via reuters)

Paidcontent's Staci D. Kramer is at Washington University attending an interview of Barry Diller by USA Today‘s David Lieberman for their CEO Forum series. Some interesting quotes by Diller, via Paidcontent:

"I’d like to spend ( InterActive's $2 billion) intelligently, that would be the first desire. You can’t have it get hot in your pocket. ... Unfortunately, I cannot find anything that is worth buying today."

"'I have no interest in Twitter. I’m sure there are some commercial applications of Twitter but they don’t really interest me.' He added: "I’m not really interested in Ashton Kutcher’s daily walks. I know some people are."

More here.

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