Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Russell Simmons' Mighty Morphin Endorphin Supplement


(image via complex)

Jesus Christ, what is it with hip-hop types and their FDA-unapproved snake-oil dietary supplements. Just because you got mad flows doesn't mean that you can diagnose. First RZA tried to pimp out colloidal silver (Averted Gaze), which, when badly administered can turn a person goddamned blue (!), now Russell Simmons, a man who looks like he could use a robust multivitamin, is pimping out endorphin supplements! From Complex Magazine:

" ... It might not be official, but word on the street is that you and Kimora are over.

"Simmons: [Sighs] I don�t know.

"She�s pretty embroiled in your affairs.

"Simmons: She�s the mother of my children and she works upstairs. She�s in Paris now.


"Simmons: Until at least tomorrow, I hope. We have to be best friends, we have businesses together, we have children. We have to spend lots of hours together every day. People always make you want to go back.

"Seven years is a long time to be married.

"Simmons: We�ve been together 14 years! As much as we work together and have things together, we have things that are different. That�s gonna happen no matter what.

"Well there�s a certain synergy to the two of you being together.

"Simmons: [Exasperated] Jesus Christ! Thank you, I think I�ve heard that a few times.

"So with the sale of Phat Farm would you say your interest in fashion is waning?

"Simmons: Oh no, I want to show you this clothing company. [Makes another call on speakerphone.] Get me Kevin, tell him to bring the T-shirts. It�s RWS�Russell Wendell Simmons�it�s a fun company, it�s very different, very expensive 8-ounce selvedge denim.

"So you bought superexpensive, ancient looms like the Japanese folks?

"Simmons: Yeah, all of that stuff. I�m excited for it. We�ll do a lot of Sanskrit with allover graphics, too. Not hoodies with that tired old Arabic, though. [Drops tablets into water.] Do you want one?

"What is it?

"Simmons: It�s an endorphin supplement. Do you know about them? I just discovered them. They�re great.

"I think I have enough endorphins, but thank you.

"Simmons: Okay."

Just so you know.

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