Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Is A Freak

Sometimes -- sometimes we forget just how much of a stone cold freak Michael Jackson truly is. He embodies reality distortion; searing, crazy eyes hidden behind Greta Garbo sunglasses. Does the world look crazy behind Garbo sunglasses?

And then he says something .. in that girlish, Champagne voice tickled by vaporous giggles, and then we realize that this is a grown man, a very, very creepy grown man-child.

For some reason Michael Jackson is amused by the animal kingdom. He fancies rats, chimpanzees, mammals, reptiles -- all of these things intrigue him. They captivate this strange "man-child." In a normal person this would evolve into the study of veterinary sciences or horticulture. But with Michael Jackson it fuels the fires of a private zoo and Vegas-y musical numbers dangerous members of the Big Cat family. He's like a Roman Emperor, this Michael Jackson, this vixenish Vespatian, importing animals from around the Empire for chuckles, the more exotic the more his inner man-boy takes notice. From Thisislondon:

"He’s no stranger to talking mumbo-jumbo. But Michael Jackson has stumped organisers of his London concerts – by planning to take to the stage astride an elephant.

"Wacko Jacko, 50, also wants a panther, snakes, tropical birds and three monkeys for a set that will have a jungle, circus and weather theme.

"One insider said: 'He hopes to make it the most spectacular gig ever. For the jungle section, he wants to ride out on an African elephant with panthers led on gold chains. Parrots and other birds will fly behind him. If it goes to plan it will look incredible.'"

Why not oiled dancing boys and unicorns? Why is Michael Jackson psychiatric drama being enabled by concert promoters? Why does he get a panther flossing gold chains? Finally: Is Jacko really crazy or is he just some empurpled symbol of wealth, decadence and decline of Empire?

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