Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cloris Leachman: Paul Newman Used To Ask Me Out (While Married)

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Cloris Leachman was on the Howard Stern show this morning, talking about her love life and her new memoir. The 82-year old award-winning actress was quite forthcoming. From Gather:

"Cloris spoke very openly about her love life, which is apparently a large focus of her new autobiography. Leachman says Ed Asner (Lou Grant on Mary Tyler Moore) hit on her all the time, but she was not attracted to him. She says she also wasn't attracted to Mel Brooks, who also hit on her. She says Marlon Brando used to hit on her all the time... but she was scared of him. Cloris also told the crew that Paul Newman asked her out repeatedly while he was married to Joann Woodward. Howard and Robin were both very surprised by that and asked if she refused Newman because he was married. She said his marriage had nothing to do with it. She said she simply found Paul Newman 'dull.' Howard asked if she liked Joann Woodward, and Cloris said no, not really. In fact, she called her boring!"

We guess in Hollywood many swing. It is probably the nature of celebrity game, when done with discretion and care for the other party. But we kind of thought of Paul and Joanne as more of the boring but stately-looking Hollywood via Connecticut couple watching Masterpiece Theatre on Sunday night while eating popcorn types. Call us naive.

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