Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Eve's African Dictator Chic


(image via divastation)

True, its hard to hold Eve -- who has, we cannot fail to note, poochie scratch marks tattooed on her breasts -- to any conventional standard of taste (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment). But one would think she might eschew dating a dictator-in-training. Perhaps? Is there anything more loathesome on this Big Blue Marble than a dictator? Is there anything sexy about palling around on a yacht rented on a Third World nation's siphoned off oil revenues? (Averted Gaze) We think fucking not.

We guess the decidedly amoral Eve is coming around. According to RusandMolloy:

"Rapper Eve is distancing herself from her on-again, off-again boyfriend, the son of an African dictator, even as he came closer to power last week.

"The entire 50-man government of Equatorial Guinea walked out Thursday after pressure from Teodorin Nguema Obiang's father, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, who's been 'president' since 1979.

"Called one of the most ruthless dictators in the world, President Obiang reportedly siphons off $700 million a year from the oil-rich country's profits.

"Teodorin, the Minister of Forestry, or the 'Minister of Chopping Down Trees,' as some call him, pursued Eve relentlessly until she finally 'gave up' and started going out with him, sources told us."

Ah, the education of a dictator. Excessive Thumos. Primate aggression. Relentlessness. The unquenchable thirst for power. And Eve handed the tyrant yet another victory, cementing his prime directive of conquest or death. Nice.

"The international playboy spent $700,000 at Christmas to rent Paul Allen's yacht to fete her on St. Bart's, tooled around in one of his two Bentleys, and invested $25 million in a rap label, Detroit's TNO Entertainment.

"But the rapper-actress, who gets involved in good causes like promoting HIV testing, probably couldn't help but feel a twinge of conscience being with a spendthrift whose people live on $1 a day. What's more, her friends were jamming her to end it."

Nice to know that when one's individual conscience craps out, one's friends can be there to tell you that no, it is not all right to fuck around with a butcher-in-training.


Anonymous said...

I always wondered what was your take on that debacle. Yech. Even Paris Hilton hasn't sunk this low (yet).

Katerina said...

Now THIS is gossip! Insane story.

Anonymous said...

Paris is trying to get to him though, inviting him over for lucnh. now there is some dirt no one knows!!

art said...

great to have corsair back in form. The connections in the story are always intriguing - 700thousand?! from the dictator-2-b to rent whose yacht? Huh. And so on down the line.

But, in all honesty: Eve was never a-list, but aspiring b-lister. She was multimedia, but without much mark - I mean, lets not forget so was BRANDY, and earlier and younger.

Now reading that she was having that much injection of cashflow into labels and the like, she looks worse, for not managing a better weave at one point, and at least have some kind of significant dent on popular culture - or for lack of that, a hit - in the last years.

She already went the way of the "leaked" private porn vid.

And now...let me get this straight, she needed pressure from her friends to suggest that African dictators aren't really natural partners in the good consciousness league.

Maybe she should get the affair to to the level that she can go all Evita on the country.

Anonymous said...

"Eve" is an interesting name - spelled forwards or backwards, its the same, but turned inside out, it spells "ASS".