Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Britney Spears in Talks To Go Nekkid in VF


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Vanity Fair is rapidly becoming a sort of tasteful Playboy Magazine for the lactating fetishist set, no? (Averted Gaze) So ... (weighty silence) another pregnant pop cultural figure. Who can blame them, The Corsair supposes, for going after the tried-and-true shocking pregnant cover photo formula? They've tried the blond bikini models, and even that didn't work out. Neither did Becks, the hot guy cover. And Graydon hasn't had an African-American on the cover since ... The Corsair cannot even remember. Call us crazy, but: Wouldn't an Oprah cover story and interview drive newsstand sales through the roof? Is The Corsair off on that assessment?

Anyhoo, Keith J. Kelly informs us that the latest issue isn't exactly flying off the newsstands. ("Said one rival in the celebrity field, 'Nicole Kidman is death on a cover'") .


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Desperate times (Especially after the Desperate Housewives debacle, and attendant anemic newsstand sales) call for "pregnant" measures. Trot out the pregger celeb once again, Old Graydo, Old Sport. According to Allheadlinenews:

"According to a Life & Style magazine source, Britney Spears is reportedly in talks with Vanity Fair to pose naked just weeks before she is due to give birth to her first child. A source claims, 'The negotiations are in motion. Britney desperately wants to do it and knows she has to stay in good shape.'

"Vanity Fair editors have tentatively scheduled the shoot in Britney's seventh month of pregnancy so the issue can hit newsstands before she gives birth in the fall.

"The magazine controversially photographed Demi Moore while she was pregnant with her second child in 1991."

How original. Cheetos detritus will be tastefully smeared over her "saucy bits."


Alius said...

If Britney thinks she's "staying in good shape" I'd really hate to see her letting it go. Vanity Fair and better have one hell of a digital photo editor on staff.

Anonymous said...

Re: previous commenter, um, Did you SEE the Nicole Kidman cover? The VF staff is blowing the lid off of air-brushing as we know it.

la depressionada said...

do i really need to recapitulate my feelings on the lactating fetish set?

sac said...

Briteny pregnant and naked? Yawn. Monica Bellucci pregnant and naked? Shazam!
Italian Vanity Fair stizz.

Ron said...