Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gawker HQ Rooftop Party: Ryan Tate's 20% Doctrine

image via Neal Ungerleider

Last night the weather was perfect for a rooftop party celebrating the launch of Ryan Tate's new book The 20% Doctrine at Gawker headquarters downtown. The collaboration of the good weather and the endless supply of booze kept the downtown digerati well lubricated for the evening. At some point, apparently, some neighbors -- the wackness! -- allegedly egged the party, fouling the lovely Jennifer Wright of TheGloss ("Seriously! It's all over my sweater. I feel so terribly, terribly alive!")-- but we had by then made our escape, headed uptown via Taxi, and were on to that Macbeth thing on 27th street. As it happened, as this humble blogger was walking out, the DJ -- who was quite eccectic -- played the Mad men inspired Zou Bisou Bisou. A lasting impression, to be sure, DJ.

Mingling amongst the crowd: Nick Denton, filmmaker Chloe Smolarski, tech journalist Neal Ungerleider, Rachel Sklar, Caroline McCarty, Rex Sorgatz, artist Hideki Takahashi, creative editor of Art is Talking David Barish and Jezebel's Jenna Sauers.

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