Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some Thoughts on Mittens Versus Gingy

Romney, barely concealing his patrician disgust at the oily Gingrich

This blogger has several thoughts on the present epic political GOP struggle: Pisces (Romney, the two fish) versus Gingrich (Gemini, the twins) battle. My thoughts:

An Early White House Christmas

"Axe" Axelrod and Plouffe are probably arrogantly smoking cigars -- as smugly as Joseph Sobran used to --  over this GOP frisson. The greatest nightmare of Obama's re-election was originally Huntsman, who was immediately (and unkowingly) neutralized once he accepted the Beijing position. The second greatest threat to Obama's re-election campaign was the possibility of Romney sweeping the nomination early, then collecting a heap of corporate money with which to defeat a weak President.

Gingrich's win in SC and his continued closing in the polls in Florida assures us, at the very least, that the contest will go until March (February has only Gingrich-leaning Arizona and Romney-guaranteed Michigan contested). As long as Romney is still trying to close the deal and convince the GOP that he is their man, Gingrich will continue to surge, and the President can lean back and raise money for the re-election, unchallenged, noting all the fault lines being constantly exposed in his rivals' campaigns. A White house Christmas, essentially.

La Donna e mobile

Both Geminis and Pisces are mutable signs, and no one could doubt that these two -- or, quite possibly, four? -- pols are hugely changeable beings. Gingrich is being attacked as not being a true conservative, of switching his platform often in his many decades in the arena. And Romney quite frankly has completely shifted -- 180 degrees -- from his entire platform as a moderate northeast Governor.

What a difference four years can make! In 2008, Obama was inexperienced, wet behind the ears. Now, in 2012, Obama will be the hallmark of stability with foreign policy successes to boot against either Romney or Gingy.

Rick Santorum

Pity Rick Santorum (or, maybe not). Santorum is the unluckiest bastard of 2012 and it is only January. He won the Iowa caucus, but took too long -- round midnight -- to frame the "Comeback Kid" narrative
to make the newspaper headlines the following day. That was more lack of skill than luck. But weeks later, on the cusp of South Carolina amidst the Second Gingrich Surge, is was discovered that he actually won the first contest. Had this information come earlier he might have had the wind at his back in New Hampshire; had this been known earlier, he -- and not Gingrich -- might be the anyone-but-Romney candidate. As it is he is now a big, fat nothingburger one primary away from dropping out and endorsing Gingrich. That poor bastard!

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