Saturday, November 12, 2011

Paper Magazine at Tournaeu
Last night, downtown came uptown -- to the Upper East Side to be exact -- as Paper magazine, the bible of the under 14th street set, threw a party for swishy Tourneau at their headquarters in the fifties for 11/11/11. So among blingy watches costing tens of thousands of dollars, socialites out of gossip girl mingled a bit surreally with downtown types -- the odd dragster, young model as well as bloggers like yours truly. Food trucks featuring sweet -- smores, cookie pops -- and savory -- sheeseburgers and fries with sea salt -- fortified our stomachs against the threat of being overtaken by champagne. For you, dear reader, we pursue these parties to the ends of the earth!

image via Hill's ListNYC

Did I mention there were DJs? 11 of the most influential DJs in New York City: Chelsea Leyland, Va$htie, Andrew Andrew, Franco V, Pierce Jackson, Stephen Barr aka Hungry Bear from Ace Hotel, Vikas Sapra, Josh Madden, Jen Amadio, Chrissie Miller and Jasmine Solano brought their serious shit to the game. Also spotted in the crowd: Paper magazine's Mr. Mickey and Kim Hastreiter, actress Bianca Bovet, Sysco Lopez and Angela Kakade.

image via Hill'sListNYC

Particularly good among the DJs were DJ Huggy Bear and AndrewAndrew, who threw a Madonna just as our champagne started kicking in. My pal Malcolm, who is Irish, particularly loved the European rock that infused DJ Huggy Bear's 20-minute set.

The booze ultimately ran out an hour or so before the stated party ending of 11:11 -- very rare for a Paper party -- so many spilled out into the street for a last Smore and into the crisp autumny Friday night. A fantastic time, of course, was had by all.

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