Friday, June 10, 2011

What's Wrong with Tracy Morgan?

Seriously -- what's wrong with Tracy Morgan? His buffoonishness is no longer amusing. The touching hot mess that he plays on "30 Rock" resembles but is not the real Tracy. When not doing obnoxious routines about "impregnating" women (and, really, how is that funny) he is, apparently, rapidly descending into ugly anti-gay material. What's next? From BusinessInsider:

"Tracy Morgan may have finally crossed the line with a new 'set"'in his standup routine.

"He apparently told audiences at a recent show that if he found out his son was gay, he'd stab him.

"We put the word set in quotes above because Morgan's standup is largely a rambling, disorganized rant -- and it's been hovering near straight-up homophobia for a while now.

"When we saw Morgan perform for a sold-out crowd at Carnegie Hall last November, his gay jokes put the audience on edge because they weren't so much jokes as they were angry missives.

"In fact, it's been a staple of Morgan's act for months now to simply point out he doesn't believe people can be born gay.

"There's no set-up. There's no punchline. And when he says it, you can see the hairs stand up on the necks of the people in front of you."

Amazing. George Takei followed up with the Tweet: "In stand-up rant, Tracy Morgan threatened to kill his son if he were gay. I suspect his dad is next for naming him 'Tracy.'"


David said...

Enjoyed the post, except for your use of the word retarded. Retracted from your thesis for me.

The Corsair said...

point taken, and retracted