Thursday, January 06, 2011

Predictions 2011

Every year around this time The Corsair gives some predictions on politics, culture, media. Why? Because its fun. here are some predictions for 2011:

A shrewd President Obama, with constant reference to compromise, will pursue a political agenda aimed at creating and exacerbating fault lines that exist -- but have not been realized -- between the establishment Republicans and the Tea Party, leading to a possible contentious GOP primary battle in 2012 and a not inconceivable 3rd Tea Party candidate for President, splitting the conservative vote and re-electing the President.

The increasing influence of Germany over the future of the Euro will spur nativist dissent across the Eurozone. Anarchists, particularly, will use a rising Germanophobia in their argument against a centralized, shady backroom deals in Brussels with Angela Merkel in control of their nation's destiny.

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David Arquette will get over this really embarrassing midlife crisis that is playing itself out in the media, beg forgiveness, make amends and get back together with the very patient Courtney Cox.

Former presidential candidate John Edwards will be indicted for campaign violations.

By year's end virtually all of Latin America will recognize the Palestinian state ("Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Ecuador and Venezuela have all announced support for a Palestinian state in rapid succession in the last month" -- FP). A growing number of African nations will also begin the chorus for a peace deal brokered by the United States. Hillary Clinton's attempts to pull this off -- the greatest challenge of her life -- may, if successful, result in her replacing Biden on the ticket in 2012.

Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee will decline to run for President, focusing instead on making money and amassing celebrity. Mitt Romney will barrel forwards as the inevitable front runner. Texas Governor Rick Perry will flirt throughout the year with the idea of running, causing the Romney camp some anxious moments with some sassy talk from the sidelines.

Hosni Mubarack will die of natural causes without a strong, credible successor. There will be a good deal of chaos -- possible civil war between the Copts and Muslims -- as it becomes a new center of focus in the War on Terror with both Al Qaeda and the Iranian-influenced Muslim Brotherhood vying for control of the main political and cultural center of the Arab world. It will also signal the geographical intensification of the War on Terror in Africa.

Barbara Hershey will be nominated and win "Best Supporting Actress" for her performance in Black Swan (an award she should have won for Hannah and her Sisters years ago).

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