Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The State of The Union: Clearing B(r)ush

Bush, stubborn to the last, finally learns bipartisanship as his presidency draws to a close. After which all that will be left is his legacy in Mesopotamia. Like most two-term Presidents before him, after six SOTU addresses and seven year at his back, George Walker Bush delivered his valediction in tones of twilight. His senior advisers that he began with, once rosebud fresh, are off to the greener pastures of the private sector. And the remnants --loyalists, all -- rose, then seated at the applause lines, cued to signal servile appreciation of each talking point delivered.

What has animated this President is the eschatological gut-knowledge -- his Faith -- that he knows that History will vindicate his decision to invade Iraq.

Let us proclaim the mysteries of faith ...

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