Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Is Peggy Siegal an Assface?

Peggy Siegal Had a Different sort of a "Lift" (image via NYSocialDiary)

So what is this thusness about a Page 1 Chapter 1 ratfuck that New York Times Style reporter Alex Kuczynski performs on "Pushy" Peggy Siegal, arguably the most famous publicist in the world. According to our favorite social chronicler David Patrick Columbia, perched serenely at his strategically perfect Table 8 at Michael's, in NySocialDiary:

"(NBC's Felicia Taylor and he) also discussed hair-do�s (briefly), plastic surgery and Alex Kuczinski�s upcoming book on the culture of plastic surgery in America. And just at that moment, Peggy Siegal, Hollywood�s uber-hostess in New York, came by. Peggy�s procedure entailed filling in the gaps on the face with material removed from another naturally fattier part of the body. I�m being coy on purpose. Ms. Kuczinski will fill you as trenchantly as possible. (I think it�s out in October, so you�ll just have to wait). The story of Peggy and Alex and the book is making the rounds right now because it was said that Peggy didn�t like seeing it in print (she�d told a lot of people, including this writer at the time � because it was successful)."

Vindication to all those denied access to a Siegal-controlled film screening and called her, in retaliation, an assface.

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