Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Topic A: Ron Galotti and Candace Bushnell on Tina Brown's Talkfest

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Mr. Big, Ron Galotti, made an excruciating appearance on Tina Brown's Topic A last night. Excruciating.

The former Vogue, Talk and GQ publisher interrupted an all girl discussion of the influence of Sex and the City for one segment. One segment. Then he whisked off into the night.

After Tina Brown made an apology to Candace Bushnell, Mr. Big returned to the center of New York media, strutting down the aisle, full into the all-girl gab session on Sex and the City.

After a very stiff hug, Bushnell noted, twice, that she was married to someone else (as is, of course, Mr. Galotti). Panelist Aisha Tyler, Laura Ingraham and Erica Jong sat by as Galotti made a few comments and then disappeared. By the next segment, the girls got into a no holds barred discussion on the meaning of the HBO series.

One wonders how that strange tv moment came about? The Corsair will take a stab:

(phone rings)

Tina Brown: Hello, Tina Brown speaking.

Ron Galotti: Hey, Tina, it's Ron.

Tina Brown: (awkward silence) oh, ehm, hi, Ron

Ron: Long time, huh?

Tina: Uh, yeah ...

Ron: So, ya gotta show on CNBC, Topic A. Your doing all right with yourself, I see.

Tina: Well, yeah, you know.

Ron: --yeah

Tina: (after an excruciating moment) Uh, what can I do for you Ron?

Ron: We had some good times, eh Tina?

Tina: Yeah, good times all around.

Ron: At Vanity Fair and the New Yorker

Tina: Right, good times (pause)

Ron: --so ...

Tina: What are you up to Ron?

Ron: Oh, this, that and the other thing, you know the ad recession

Tina: Yeah

Ron: Hey, I just thought of somethin'

Tina: Really?

Ron: Yeah, are ya doing anything for the finale of Sex and the City?

Tina: Uhm, er -- just a girl chat show, you know, Manolo's and that sort of thing.

Ron: Hey, I'd be great on that.

Tina: No, really Ron, it's a discussion with me and Aisha Tyler, and Candace Bushnell and --

Ron: Candace?

Tina: (pause) Uhm, look Ron

Ron: You gotta put me on, Tina. I'm the original Mr. Big.

Tina: Ron, I ...

Ron: I've always been loyal, Tina, a paisan ...

Tina: (breaking down) yes ...

Ron: Just get me on, let me talk a bit about me, make me look good.

Tina: (resigned) okay, Ron; just one segment.

Ron: Great. I always said Mickey Rourke was wrong in The Pope of Greenwich Village. Italians don't outgrow people, they outgrow clothes. And neither does Tina Brown.

Tina: -- Right. I'll talk to you later.

Ron: Don't worry, it'll have synergy.

Tina: (unenthusiastically) great


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