Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Huckabee: “I don’t think (Mitt) Romney Has A Soul”

Mike Huckabee is funny. Funny like a clown, he amuses us. But he's not a bad sort. Quite the contrary. He's "down-to-earth." We kid, to be sure, but former Governor Mike Huckabee is a fundamentally decent man, if a little -- how does one say this? -- incurious about the complexity of human existence. Intelligence notwithstanding, Mike pegged Mitt Romney right (though couched in the symbolism of the sacred).

From "Game Change" via TheDailyBeast:

"Romney has no reticence about slashing at his rivals. But the perception of him as a man without convictions made him a less-than-effective delivery system for policy contrasts. The combination of the vitriol of his attacks and his apparent carelessness explained the antipathy the other candidates had toward him. McCain routinely called Romney an 'asshole' and a 'fucking phony.' Giuliani opined, 'That guy will say anything.' Huckabee complained, 'I don’t think Romney has a soul.'"

So true. So fucking true. All that competetive drive, but not a single iota of Beingkindness. Also of note:

"Romney found his failure to break through frustrating. 'It’s not fair,' he said to his aides. He was being defined as a flip-flopping Mormon—or a Mormon flip-flopper. He couldn’t fathom why the caricature of him was sticking, had no ability to see himself as others might. When Romney’s staff showed him the devastating YouTube video [showing his flip-flopping over the years], his first reaction was, 'Boy, look how young I was back then.'”

Positively Reaganesque.

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