Saturday, July 16, 2011

Colbert Report: Jose Antonio Vargas


Laura Casas Frier said...

Jose Antonio Vargas is the Rosa Parks poster child for passage of the Federal DREAM Act. The DREAM Act gives college students and military immigrants a path to US legalization. Mr. Vargas did not need to come out as an undocumented American which makes his act especially courageous. He is an example of the many hard choices students face once they reach an age of majority and their talents can contribute to the economy and pay taxes. These students are here through no fault of their own and as taxpayers we have already invested in their education. We should obtain a return of our investment and support their legalization. We can take advantage of their intelligence and passion which will contribute to the betterment of our country.
Further, what is accomplished by acting like a police state and target the deportation of these students. DREAM Act beneficiaries have already earned their right to legalization by accomplishing excellence in education or choosing to serve in the military. Jose Antonio Vargas has realistically brought the conversation regarding the DREAM Act as a common sense solution to immigration reform. Like Rosa Parks, Jose Vargas takes a stand for justice and equal protection under our constitution. Congress must urgently pass this legislation. It is the American thing to do!

Ron said...

I totally agree Laura