Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wavves 1, Observer, 0

Funny. From The Observer via TheAwl:

"Wavves played a show with The-Dream last night. That's the lede here. Forget the weird games the pop punk star might be playing with his audience, forget the myth he's building as he stages his triumphant early career comeback, forget whether the production on his new album means he can't call himself lo-fi anymore. He played a show with The-Dream! The guy who wrote 'Single Ladies' and 'Umbrella'! Wavves, whose real name is Nathan Williams, had to have been stoked about this. Actually, we know he was: The 23-year-old king of small-scale DIY music tweeted yesterday afternoon that 'special, special shit' was going to happen at the Fader party that evening ... The chatty drummer, Billy Hayes, was a lot quieter than he was on Thursday, but he did manage to squeeze in a few zingers: 'This next one's a thong-ripper,' he said at one point, and then had to repeat it three more times before Mr. Williams understood what he was saying. Mr. Hayes also said, 'Let's play the stupid one about being fat and ugly,' a reference to the Observer story that went up the other day about Wavves' marketing strategy and their hostile stance toward the cosmopolitan journalists who write about their music. 'Fat and ugly' in particular was a call-back to a remark Mr. Hayes made from the stage on Thursday, when he sarcastically lamented, in the general direction of the hipsters in the crowd, 'I wish I was skinny and cool.'"

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