Thursday, June 10, 2010

Daily Show Blasts "Anti-Incumbency" Talk

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Did the MSM overplay the talk of "anti-incumbency" in the run-up to the primaries? Probably. I've always maintained that it is not anti-incumbency, but an anti-Establishmenatrian air that pervades the political atmosphere at present. "It is not so much an anti-incumbent sentiment that is being voiced at present in these mid-term elections," I wrote this week, "rather, as this blogger has argued, it is an anti-Establishment disaffection." The Daily Show notes rightly that 82 of 84 incumbents won back seats. True, but those were primaries. Incumbents are supposed to win primaries, they have all the built-in advantages (money, name recognition). That is not to belittle Senator Blanche Lincoln's significant victory against the unions and

But -- and let's be clear here -- it is November is what matters. If the overwhelming majority of incumbents win, then I'll be the first to say that I was incorrect about my thesis on "anti-Establishmentarian" anger.

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