Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last Night's Parties: Andrew Einhorn Book Launch; Bravo Icons Exhibition Party

Two interesting parties last night. I began the evening at Andrew Einhorn's sexy book launch, which took place on the 6th of The Ryan McGuiness Studio on center Street, then progressed, gradually, onto the roof. This was an R-rated event. Projected onto the walls -- much to the distraction of the guests -- were videos projected onto a wall of amazingly attractive women in various stages of undress. Einhorn is pretty good at getting gorgeous women to take off their clothes for him, which is what the coffee table book launch "Naked Coast to Coast" was all about. Einhorn's former boss and digital pioneer Josh Harris, sporting a cigar, was in the crowd. The book chronicles his first two years as a host of the Playboy TV show Naked Happy Girls. How could I not have attended? Curiously, one astonishingly progressive -- or strange, depending on your perspective -- couple actually brought their daughter to the party. I can't imagine.

Then it was on to the Bravo Icons event at 172 Norfolk Street, one of my two favorite party spaces in NYC after Milk Studios, at The Angel Orensanz Foundation. For the sheer number of people attending I was impressed at how deftly they managed their guest list. There were lots of doorpeople who didn't slow things down by asking the clearly over-30 crowd for photo IDs (bravo, Bravo), and thus the lines moved briskly and people got where they need to go. In less than a minute my name was found as I materialized on drink line, thirsty. That, however, was a little more problematic in navigating. With only two drink stations manned by two barpeople each, with complicated mojitos on the menu, it took roughly a half hour to get pleasantly tight. Still, the event was wonderful, going well past 11 pm, so i can't complain. Bravo to Bravo for throwing a nice party.

The space was bedecked with glamorous photos from Icons of Costume: Hollywood's Golden Era and Beyond, curated by Erika Jaeger-Smith (How Bravo does that sound?). The usual Bravo TV suspects were milling about the physically striking crowd, including Real Housewives Ramona Singer and Alex McCord, Fashion Show judge Fern Mallis, Rocco DiSpirito, Andy Cohen and, of course, Lydia Hearst. None of the top chef crew, unfortunately (Padma, why?). A great night only hampered by the fact that no matter how hard I and the talented DJ tried, the people were not into the dancing. Ah, well.

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