Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ten Interesting Things From Jimmy Kimmel's LA Howard Stern Party

1- Demi Moore sang and Ashton Kutcher played the piano ("Howard said Demi Moore can actually sing. He said she's really good. Howard said her husband was playing the piano and she was singing and it sounded really good. They were even singing a song that they made up")

2- Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons, Ben Stiller, Howard and David Arquette played "Hey Jude" together:

Greg talked about going up on stage and playing ''Hey Jude'' with the band. Howard said he didn't know how to play it. Greg said he went up and showed Howard how to play it. Greg said Howard knew that he had no idea what he was doing. Greg said it was surreal being up on stage playing guitar with Howard Stern. Greg said they had Ben Stiller playing drums and they had Demi Moore watching them play. He said that David Arquette was playing trumpet and it should have been surreal but he felt included and not judged ..

3- Howard felt he was like part of "Hollywood" because of the party:

Howard said he looks like a monster standing next to Ashton and John Stamos and those guys. Howard said he told Beth he looks like a monster and it's horrible. Ashton said Howard had a whole look going on out there. He said his hair is one thing and then he had the guitar going on and he was playing the guitar with his chin with the tiny strap they had on that thing.Howard said they should go over the guest list for that party. He said that Ashton must go out to parties like that all the time. Ashton said the good thing about that party is that there were no assholes there. He said that he was probably the biggest asshole there.Howard said he felt like he was part of Hollywood because of that party.

4- Demi Moore called Howard Stern a pussy:

Howard said that Johnny Knoxville was at the party with his wife. Ashton said that guy is looking really old from beating himself up so much. He said that he's a mess but he's so polite all the time. Howard said he's still putting the catheter up his penis twice a day. He said Johnny pulled out a jar of moonshine for them to try. Howard said that he didn't even know what he meant. He said that Johnny's cousin's make this stuff and he took a smell. He said Demi told him he was a pussy and he should drink that crap.

5- Even Courtney Cox drank Johnny Knoxville's moonshine ("Howard said Courteney Cox was drinking the stuff so she told him to man up too.")

6- Howard doesn't know why anyone would pay $1 million for a car:

Howard said that someone had parked a Bugatti out on the street out there. He said that it's like a million dollar car and he's not sure why anyone would want something like that. He said that people like Jay Leno do that kind of nonsense. He said he heard a story about Jay driving a fire engine around L.A. one time. He said that's screaming out for attention. Fred said he actually films that stuff to. He said that Jay hired a film crew to film him going down the roads in L.A. and it was like a movie.Howard said he didn't know why someone would waste a million on a Bugatti.

7- Ashton and Demi play Sudoku:

Howard said he likes to be home playing chess. He said that's what he did at the hotel and it felt like home to him doing that. He said that calms him down. He said chess is cool but Ashton and Demi play Sudoku so he checked that out in the paper this morning. Howard said he took a look at it and it didn't make sense to him. He said he sees numbers and he wants to kill himself.

(Lori singer via lorisinger)

8- The pool boy mistook Lori Singer from the 80s TV show Fame for an annoying fan:

Howard said he ran into Lori Singer from ''Foot Loose.'' He said she came by and said hi to him. Howard said he liked that. He said he talked to her for like a half hour. He said it would have been great if Beth had come back at that time. He said he has played chess with her son. He said she plays the cello and she's in an orchestra and making a CD. Howard said she's good looking too and she's working on some movie too. Howard said he got a lot of information about her while she was talking to him.Howard said the pool boy came over to ask if he was being bothered by a fan. He said he told the guy that it was Lori Singer so he wasn't being bothered.

9- At his hotel, Howard met Bob Iger:

Howard said he was going to read and eat to look busy. He said he was reading Star magazine so he got the NY Times instead. He said it's good that he did that because Bob Eiger came in around that time. He said that he told Bob that he likes him but hates Les Moonves. Howard said Iger has a hot wife, Willow Bay, and some kids. Howard said Willow is very attractive.

10 - Rick Rubin lost a lot of weight:

Rick Rubin was there too. Howard said he lost like 150 pounds. Howard said Rick produced his Private Parts album. He said he looks amazing after losing that weight. Howard said he was a vegan too. He said he must have been eating like a cow or something. Howard said the guy will order Chinese food but he'll get it with the sauce on it. He said the guy is super thin and ripped and he's working out every day.

All of the quotes come from Marksfriggin.com, a wonderful site that daily chronicles what goes on on the XM-Sirius show and the aftershow.

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