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Monday, May 17, 2010

The 60 Minutes BP Story

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Were you as spellbound as I was at the 60 Minutes BP story? It was brilliant -- newsworthy, fascinating and well-told. I am particularly fascinated by stories of survival -- a guy thing? -- which are bewitching. One tends to forget the remote control when faced with a jump-ten-stories-into-the-Atlantic scenario.

Kudos to Scott Pelley and the 60 Minutes gang for finding an irresistible news formula that will probably not do too bad in the ratings, considering that the program follows Sunday CBS sports. Sports watchers, we cannot fail to note, tend to be the types who relish survival stories and tales of high risk. The newsworthy information conveyed to our news-starved population is, as they say, lagniappe. Everyone, but mostly our democracy, wins.

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