Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gallery Hopping: Ogilvie & Mather's New Language Exhibition

Last night I stooped by Ogilvy & Mather's art installations -- their third in a series -- featuring 15 contemporary artist at its new office space. The five floor exhibition was held in Midtown at Ogilvie & Mather's new office space, called The Chocolate Factory. Australian artist and former Nylon art director Josh Gurrie, whose work is featured on Floor 11, was particularly impressive: geometric, eclectic and thoroughly interesting.

His lovely mother Zarinan, who is Malay, noticed my interest in her son's work and arranged an introduction. Josh's brother is also an artist -- a filmmaker -- so I mentioned that it might be in the blood. Both parents are architects. That may or may not explain the clean, black lines and geometric shapes that compete for attention in his arresting work.

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