Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sell That Movie, Russell Crowe!

Clearly, Russell Crowe knows how to find the G-Spot of the media. He didn't always (Averted Gaze). From The Guardian:

Richard Coeur de Lion – past it, economically weak and compromised by brutal Middle Eastern wars – dies and power passes to his callow successor, who promises to bleed the English dry with a massively unpopular tax hike.

Familiar? Certainly, Ridley Scott's new epic Robin Hood seemed all too piquant to the Brits in the audience at the 63rd Cannes film festival.

What sort of person, then, might a modern Robin be? Might a Miliband, for instance, be suited to leather trousers and a longbow? "If everything were to go pear-shaped, I think we'd all hope that someone would stand up for us," said Russell Crowe, the film's star.

"I have wondered, would his aims be political, or economic? Would he be looking at Wall Street and the huge sums they have got to pat their backs with, or the disaster of sub-prime mortgages? Or would they realise that true wealth lies in the dissemination of information? I think he'd be looking at [the media]. He would recognise that the monopoly on media is the greatest enemy."

We will not entertain the possibility that Russell Crowe, who has a pricy little film called Robin Hood out, might perhaps be giving the assembled world's press an irresistible morsel in hopes of almost certain coverage in their vehicles(and might counteract the effects of a tough weekend debut slot).

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