Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Roger Stone Therapy Session

(image via nydailynews via flickr)

NY1's Inside City Hall is like a genteel dinner conversation about municipal New York City conversation among of the most acute observers of the scene. Last night was no different. Roger Stone, the , uh, "colorful" political advisor wholly without shame, was on. Venting, Stone plumbed the depths of his seedy consciousness, revealing -- eew -- some curious tidbits about his involvement in uncovering the Spitzer scandal. From NY1:

"In the interview, which aired Monday night on 'Inside City Hall,'Stone revealed that a woman he met at an adult club in Florida told him about Spitzer's illegal activities.

"'She was a high-priced call girl, she worked for a service,'said Stone. 'The service got a call to send somebody for an assignation with Eliot Spitzer, but he specified that he wanted a brunette, and this woman had just become a blonde, so the call went to someone else in the service.'"

Stone also volunteered that he was the one who told the FBI that Spitzer kept on black socks during the "encounters." Eew.

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