Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Little Of The Old In And Out

(image via abcnews)

In: Grand Theft Auto IV. Unfortunately, Grand Theft Auto IV is probably going to be the "news" story of the day. And we can thank the decline of journalism and the rise of unmitigated gossip and fluff for that. Leftish amoral types and people in or proximate to the gaming industry like to portray those of us -- centrists -- who loathe Grand Theft Auto IV and its ilk as hacky moral scolds or, worse, hypocrites blind to the excesses of violent or sexy films out of Hollywood. A clever distraction. Senator Hillary Clinton has been quite smart on the issue of the effects of violent video games on the dangerously short attention spans of the Extreme Generation. It might be interesting to do an informal survey as to how many violent criminals made violent video games a central part of their waking experience? How many gangs enjoy violent video games in their down time? And --ultimately -- what are the psychological effects of prolonged violent video gaming on the will of someone with a short attention span?

Whachagunnado when the Hulkamaniacs sausage fingers run wild .. on you? (image via hollywoodheadache)

Out: "Dadagers." At the risk of exhausting you, dear readers, The Corsair will vent once more. We don't know quite what the business-parental relationship is with Hulk Hogan and his daughter Brooke (above, Eew), or with Billy Ray AcheyBreakey and his daughter, Miley, but there is something very creepy about the way it is coming across in the media bubble. Yo, "Dadagers," you don't acquit yourself well smoothing unguent onto your teen daughter's tushy. And, Billy, it doesn't augur well for you when you are posing with your 15-year old moments before Annie Liebovitz gets her to pose sexually provocative, no? Shape up!

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