Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cher: I Was Crazy About Tom Cruise

Cher, who boasted in her memoir about bedding Warren Beatty at the age of 16, now is a bit more forthcoming about her "romance" with Tom Cruise. Incidentally, the priapic Beatty once also offered to take Carrie Fisher's virginity on the set of Shampoo (she was 17). But back to Cher. From Thisislondon:

"Cher has spoken frankly about how she was once 'crazy' for Tom Cruise.

"The singer had a brief relationship with the actor, 16 years her junior, at the start of his career.

"Only now, as she publicises an upcoming run of shows in Las Vegas, has her version of events emerged.

"Reflecting on their affair, she said it could have been a 'great big romance' if they hadn't been forced apart by their filming schedules.

"They are thought to have met at a White House fund-raising event in the mid- eighties when he was basking in the success of his hit film Risky Business.

"Cher, 39 at the time, is said to have been smitten almost immediately with the 23-year-old.

"While Cruise's career was very much in its ascendancy, she had by that time been a star for almost two decades.

"Cher, 61, told Oprah Winfrey: 'I was crazy about him.'"

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